IKR and Standards

Institutional Knowledge Retention (IKR… I know right..), the key to passing the torch in many different scenarios. Whether you were to walk outside then get hit by a bus or happen to find a new job, it is important to your current employer that everything you worked on/are working on gets picked up by your successor. With standards and expectations remaining unchanged or improving. The tools widely available today make transferring application and system knowledge to the next developer / administrator easier than it was in the past. Frameworks, code repositories, comments and patterns are tools every developer should have in their toolbox.


A distinct style of programming can be both a gift and a curse. While offering a unique means to solving a problem, it may not yield the most effective solution. If your code is not intuitive, hours will have to be spent figuring out what was done. You yourself may even have to invest hours of your own trying to get back in your head to figure out what is going on. Implementing widely used patterns leaves less to explain and creates less room for interpretation. Anyone versed in development best practices will have an easier time understanding/maintaining because the work can be broken apart into smaller easily digestible pieces.


Repositories and comments function as hints in what is happening with a code base. They can provide a road map that will make code more interpretable. By incorporating more collaborative processes into your workweek, standards can be maintained and passed on to the next crop of techies.



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