Target Time

3hrs 00min 08sec

Running is one of those habits I can't seem to shake. I've been an above average runner since 2008. Fast fortward to today. I'm still above average, but noticably improved since that decade. Now I work on advancing my Personal Records, or PRs. Before I hang up the running shoes and say goodbye to shin splints I am going to qualify for and run in the Boston Marathon.

From what I understand though, the times to qualify keep getting lower and lower, so I have to catch up fast.

Marathon Finisher

The Run Bounce

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Return of the Runner

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I try to run about 3 to 4 days a week, it's a constant grind. Rest and recovery are as important as the actual training itself. However, the same way you can over train you can also "over recover." Balance and moderation is key to leveling up in this game.


I do it for the NRC Bragging rights