Houston Alphas

Our goal in the beginning of this project was to increase the Houston Alphas' event visibility, programming organization and community engagement.  With several means for promoting and advertising events wrapped into a simple web address, this organization has positioned itself to lead the pack when it comes to student body engagement in the event programming arena.  

The Houston Alphas have a long history of using innovative means and methods for communicating with the University of Houston student body, which has led to many popular events.  However, successful events can sometimes distract from shortcomings and challenges faced when organizing them. In the dynamic and ever changing world of college life, logistics and communication is key. For example; if a venue changes you must be able to effectively communicate that to all of the potential attendees and ticket holders, so they are not left out in the cold on event day.  That specific hurdle has been overcome through the use of the events calendar, that will allow students to add the event to the personal calendar with a single click.  This feature means event reminders, map directions and information become available to them in fewer clicks than it would take to do a social media or google search.

The Houston Alphas, formally known as the Eta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity incorporated, is a collegiate organization that focuses on service, education and bringing the community together.



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